Proudly owned and built in Australia

How does it handle?

New Goulburn owners Frank and Lee took some time out to give us a review of how the van handled the famous Gibb River Road on their virgin journey...


"I thought I would relay my observations on our Elite Goulburn off road. We picked it up on 1st June and a week later we were off to The Kimberley for 5 weeks. Our trip took us straight up the Stuart Hwy to Katherine, across to Kunnunura and then onto to the Gibb River Road through the heart of the Kimberley. We traveled into El Questro, then to Home Valley and onto Mount Barnett. Anyone who's been on the Gibb River Road knows how bad and long the corrugations are. The Goulburn handled it with ease. There were also at least half a dozen river crossings that were also a breeze. The van was truly rock solid.


The Cruisemaster suspension is brilliant taking all the corrugations in its stride. It really gives you peace of mind knowing that after travelling for 800kms on some of the worst corrugations in Australia you can open your caravan door and find everything still intact and everything still turning off and on. On top of all this we then traveled up the Cape Leveque Road to Middle Lagoon. There were parts on this road that were bone-jarring. Again the Goulburn handled it with no problems.


Having our own bathroom ensuite was a real treat. Some of the roadside campsite drop toilets were terrible, or non-existent, so having our own facilities was great. We also chose an outside BBQ on our model. In one word, BRILLIANT. Not just for barbecuing but we cooked roast pork and lamb with all the vegies in it. It was ace - just like home. We had two LPG gas tanks, two water tanks and solar on the roof, so it didn't matter if we were on powered sites or not we were very well prepared and could have stayed virtually anywhere for weeks on end.


If you would like any more information on how the van performed on our trip please feel free to send me an email. One last point, the service we received from Elite Caravans was very professional. Any issues or questions we had were handled very promptly and thoroughly. "


Cheers Frank and Lee.






“To whom it may concern,

I have owned 6 caravans over the past 20 years and have experienced major changes to the manufacturing of these vehicles. I have dealt with a number of companies and sales representatives (Windsor, Jayco, Evernew and Galaxy). The last caravan (Galaxy) was designed by my wife and I. This van was intended to be used for our retirement in 2015 with our friends, but after using the van for short trips over two years we found that it wasn't suitable after all. We wanted extras so that we could free camp for extended periods, this included solar, extra batteries, extra water tanks full bathroom, locker for generator. So we then proceeded to purchase another van that would be suitable and attended a number of caravan sites over the three months.


During the search for the perfect van we came across ELITE Caravans at Campbellfield on Saturday (6th August 2011), had a look at their extensive range of quality products and decided upon the ELITE Caravan "Red Gum" (Off-Road design). The van has 2 solar panels, and lots of extras. The sales representative "Peter" (also co-owner) spent a considerable amount of time explaining in detail the options in the van and the construction method used, which I was impressed by his knowledge, as no other sales person understood their products as well. There was no pressure from Peter to sell the van and we were left alone to consider. We returned on the Sunday and spoked to Peter and stated that we were interested in the "Red Gum" and negotiated a price and a number of changes to the interior (lighting, external fridge and upgraded the BBQ) all at no additional cost. The van was collected the following week and a member of staff explained the equipment and running of the van.


The after sales service from Peter and his staff has been a rewarding experience, not seen with other manufacturers.


I highly recommend the ELITE Caravan to anyone that is thinking of purchasing these vans, you won't be disappointed.


If you are interested in discussing information on what I have written, Peter has my contact details.


Ray Walker”